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This past week I went on vacation to Tennessee. As some of you know traveling with a chronic illness has its challenges. Sitting for long periods of time. The frustration of taking meds along with all the cumbersome bottles.


Disclosure: “I have been given [this product] as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.“


So when I was offered to do a review for PillSuite  I thought this couldn’t be better timing. The trip would give me the opportunity to see how well this product really works.

What is PillSuite?  The idea behind the product is to make organizing and carrying your medicine easier. Creating  easy to open packets ready on the go.  We all know how frustrating it is to try to fit all our bottles into our luggage. In my case I might even forget some of them. Sounds like a great product to me.


So the day before we were to leave I took everything out to prepare for the trip. The price of this product is $29.95. As You can see everything was included. The sealer, sorter, baggies or suites as they are called (the suites have write on labels), and even the batteries! (which I didn’t notice batteries were included until I had already searched the house for some)



Getting started was simple enough. There wasn’t anything to set up other than putting the batteries in the sealer. Then it was just a matter of gathering the medicine needed, putting it in the sorter, and filling the suites.


Filling the suites! That was going to be the hard part and a major concern for me. Due to having MS opening bags, removing seals, and holding things is very difficult. So knowing me and this is a daily thing.  I had this image in my head of pills flying everywhere. I got all my pills in the sorter and I was ready to fill the suites. Now comes the fun part. I was surprised at how easy the sorter made it to fill the suites. I didn’t even drop one. So I absolutely loved that!
Now to seal the suites.  Easy enough. Just place the bags in the sealer and press the button. A light comes on when the button is pressed letting you know the suite is being sealed. When the light goes off the process is done. Me being me I had to test the seals. I shook the baggies and a few of them weren’t completely sealed. That was the only issue I ran across but I honestly think that was the operators (me) fault. After playing around with it a bit I didn’t have anymore trouble. Label the suites and you’re set. They fit nicely right in the front pocket of my suitcase where they would be easy to get to.
IMAG0045 (2)
Another feature that I thought was a big plus. For me any way is that all you have to do is tear the suites to open them. Much better for me than trying to open bottles.
My trip to Tennessee was great. Beautiful scenery. I always enjoy visiting that part of the country. So different to Arizona. Having the packets right there ready to go made it so much easier to enjoy the most important part of the trip. Spending time with family.
I have to say overall I was impressed with PillSuite.
I love how simple it was to use and the convenience of having everything ready to go. No bottles to mess with. Makes traveling and remembering what to take much easier.



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    1. It’s beautiful. I love it as far as the scenery and changing of seasons. We get that in Northern AZ but it doesn’t compare to the fall colors there. I lived in North Carolina for 7 yrs and loved it but I don’t think I could handle the humidity any more.

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