A Real Man

I am a Daddy’s Girl. I have no shame in admitting that. I’m not spoiled. I’m not one of those girls that does no wrong in their Dad’s eyes and got everything they wanted. I just adore my dad.

My dad is the dad every little girl dreams of.

I followed my dad every where he went like a puppy. He used to tell my mom “my puppy is following me again”. That made me giggle and smile. Why hearing him say that made me so happy inside I have no idea. Didn’t matter what he was doing. Working on the car or fixing something around the house. I just loved being with my dad.

Dad with Aunt Karen



Saturday mornings were pancake mornings. I was always up early. Around 4am. I remember laying there waiting to hear him up. I didn’t want to make noise and wake anyone else up so I stayed in bed. Ok, that’s not completely true! I was too scared to get up but the main reason was I didn’t want anyone else to get up because I wanted my dad to myself for a while. Making pancakes was our thing. He taught me to crack eggs. That was my job in making pancakes. All though the first time didn’t go so well. I actually wrung the eggs out like a wash cloth. So my dad had to dig shells out but hey, I was barely 3yrs old.

So many cherished memories. I had curly blonde hair so he called me Curly Sue or Shirley Temple. I was so ticklish that all he had to do was act as if he were going to tickle me. I giggled so hard and fell to the floor unable to move. I stood on my dad’s feet to dance with him. I’m not sure if I did this to be taller or because he has big feet and I didn’t want him to step on me. Maybe both. Either way I’m certain it all started because I would push my way between my parents when they hugged. I didn’t want to be left out. I even shaved with my dad. Of course I didn’t really shave! I just pretended. Watching closely in the mirror mimicking his every move.


He isn’t perfect. No one is. Many days there were hurt feelings as a little girl. My dad didn’t seem to have much patience when he first got home from work. He would snap at us.  We just missed him and wanted to play. We didn’t understand why he didn’t miss us and want to play just as much as we did. After working and having a family of my own of course I get it now. He just needed a few minutes.

By all means make sure you feed him! Cranky when he’s hungry. 🙂




All of the memories and moments shared with my dad were the beginning of why I fell in love with him as a little girl. Later and more importantly I fell in love with the man he is. What he stands for. Integrity and honesty above everything else.

Mom and Dad on their wedding day


He loves my mom and he showed that every day. I’ve never doubted the love he has for my mom. That’s something I wish every child could grow up seeing. The love between two parents that mine have. They were and still are a team. They respect each other and what ever they are faced with they work through it together.

Mom and Dad



My dad is a quiet man and to some probably doesn’t seem to have much emotion. Words may not always be spoken. I think for this reason it may have created uncertainty for my siblings as to how he felt about them.

When I went through my divorce it was my dad I wanted by my side. I will never forget something he said during that time. He said Shannon I love you and I may not have shown it enough. I didn’t want to make it any harder on your brothers and sister and I was trying to make sure they knew I loved them. I love all of you.  I told him I knew that. I understood and I never doubted how he felt about me.

He didn’t know that in doing all of those things he did. How he loved my mom and how he wanted my brothers and sister to know they were loved. He was showing me what love really is.

My dad showed me what a man, husband, and father should be.


33 thoughts on “A Real Man

  1. I felt like this article was about my dad, he is an amazing man too. I’m lucky to have such a great dad and real man in my life ! I completely understand how much your dad means to you. Great article 🙂

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  2. What a lovely tribute to your Dad and to your parents in general. I have had the same experiences as you, having a kind and loving Dad that I look up to, aren’t we so very lucky? Xx

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  3. This reminds me of my dad who’s integrity I did not come to appreciate until later in life. Better late than never, but you are fortunate to have realized your father’s value at an early age.

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  4. What a lovely tribute to your Dad. I was a Daddy’s girl too. Your stories brought back a lot of my own memories. Thank you. I’ll be sharing this post on my Posts of Note post later today. 🙂

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  5. I loved this post so much. I loved my dad more than anything, and like yours, showed me what love, integrity and respect for women looked like. And the tickle thing, that was us, too! He was a shining light and I miss him every day. Thanks!

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  6. What a beautiful tribute to your Dad. He sounds wonderful. I too am a Daddy’s girl, the first record I ever bought when I was about 10 was Daddy’s Little Girl by Al Martino, it was a 45. I could not wait til my Dad got home so I could play it for him. For my 33rd birthday he mailed me a cassette tape that he had made with that song on it. I know exactly how you feel about your Dad. How lucky are we!!! I too wish everyone could experience that love and the family love that we had growing up with our parents. Lovely post!! Thanks for the walk down memory lane! 🙂

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  7. The relationship that you have with your dad is very touching. My dad is my first superhero even though my relationship with him is strange in many ways. I have learned many things from him on how to be a man, how to treat a lady right and how to love unconditionally. Though he does have his negative sides, this only shows that he is only human. 🙂

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  8. So beautiful! I can only hope that my boys can say this when they’re grown! Even though my husband and I have been through a lot and our children have seen and heard things they shouldn’t have, I feel that we now have a great relationship. Every time he pulls me close in a hug like there’s no one watching, I silently thank God that my boys actually see it. I need them to see what love is and what it is supposed to look like, I need them to become men who can love that well, and I now feel like my husband does a great job at teaching this to them.. even though I really don’t think he’s even aware he’s doing it. The world needs people who’ve had a good example of love growing up, it seems to be a shortage these days!

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