The Day Dreamer

The Day Dreamer

Although I write mostly about MS it is not all there is to me. I thought it might be fun to do a post more about me as a person.

As a little girl I was very shy. Very is an understatement! I was so shy I hid behind my mother when we were out hoping no one spoke to me. I didn’t want any attention drawn to me what so ever. Whether it was because they were trying to include me or saying I was cute didn’t matter. I had been teased early on about the freckles on my nose. I’m sure most didn’t mean anything by it but some of the comments for a young child made me very  self-conscious of them. Like did you get stuck out in the rain and rust? I was told maybe I was left on the door step because I didn’t look like my siblings. So I figured if I hid they wouldn’t be seen. Problem solved. Unfortunately hiding didn’t give me the result I had hoped for. Instead it made people want to draw me out more. As though I needed to be fixed. I was  accused of being stuck up and selfish. I had no idea how that made me selfish. I wasn’t selfish. I shared my toys and anything else I had for that matter.

Around 5 or 6 it began to change. I went to school and found out all the little boys liked my freckles. No more hiding behind mom!

Looking back being shy might have been a good thing. I was very content entertaining myself. I didn’t need a lot of friends or for my mom to find things for me to do. I’m sure that is how I discovered my artistic side. I wasn’t the typical girl playing with Barbies, playing house, (only when friends were over and I played along to be nice) or watching TV. I much rather be playing like the boys and riding bikes. When I wasn’t doing that I was in my room. Drawing or writing. I loved to draw. I could see something, it might be from an outing or a picture and come home and draw it. I wrote stories, poems, and jotted down my thoughts. I had paper and notebooks hidden in every drawer. It was a peaceful place for me. I was still shy in some ways because it wasn’t something I shared with anyone. It was kind of my thing and I didn’t want anyone in that part of my world. My mom found some of my writing when I was 12. I remember feeling so uncomfortable. I wasn’t mad at her. She didn’t do it intentionally and she had all good things to say about it. I just wasn’t ready to openly share.

When I was 14 I started sharing some of my art with others. My mom was very supportive. She bought some supplies and encouraged me. Even showed my drawings and paintings to a few people.

Throughout life this has been an important part of my life. It’s my relaxation. My happy place. ( Not that I’m not happy but this is different) I have always kept a sketch book and a notebook for writing. I’m a daydreamer. I probably appear to be in la la land. I spend a great deal of time in my head. When I’m out walking or riding in the car I catch myself just staring. I’m certain people have wondered about me. Is she ok in the head? Ha ha! The truth is I look at everything. What might be just a building or a tree to most is something quite different to me. I look at the weeds on the side of the road, flowers, trees, mountains, animals, people. The way sunlight hits things. The shadows on buildings. The way a tree grows. I could go on forever.

11951393_432772670250107_5260247497246438830_n   11990639_432772736916767_586597658649588360_n

As I got older my creativity took other avenues. Sewing, making quilts, gardening and building flower beds.


I love DIY projects.IMG_20160116_162738








Some of my projects



Turning old into new and making it my own.



On a typical weekend or day off it wasn’t unusual to find me restoring furniture or laying a tile floor.2015-10-10--13-19-02











Ok so it’s still a little about MS because having this part of my life has helped me cope. It gives me something to focus on. Helps me pass time on tough days. It’s true I don’t do as big of projects. I keep them more manageable. Without this love of creating things I know I would have gone crazy by now.


26 thoughts on “The Day Dreamer

  1. This was a beautiful article Shannon and most readers love when a writer sheds light on who they are or personal information. I think alot of people have some shyness about them but they are not willing to share that about themselves.

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  2. She failed to mention being such a toe head for years,u couldn’t see her eyebrows! Lol! Or dragging her big sister half way down the block on her big wheel trying to go fast as possible! Love you girl & your blogs!

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  3. Great post! It’s so important for our overall well-being to engage in fun hobbies and crafts. So glad you’re keeping up with your creative side. Your pieces are awesome!

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  4. You have a very beautiful soul Shannon and i am glad i clicked on your link on the sharing posts where i came across it. please dont stop creating and being beautiful. it comes through in your writing.

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  5. I find it ironic how many writers are introverts and shy. I know that I am the same way. I actually start to feel irritable if I don’t get enough alone time. You are a very multi talented lady. I am glad you found me and I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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  6. Hello, Shannon. It’s nice to meet you. I’m delighted you linked up at Social Boost Monday. I have a close friend who has MS. It would be foolish of me to say I understand it all, but I do know that having an outlet is wonderful therapy. It’s wonderful that you’ve found one through your creativity.

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  7. Ok so being honest this girl was my tail,only time she was left alone was when i was at school & she wasnt!up until we both got married,honestly i couldnt ask for a better tail!

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