That for me is Enough

Last night was a rough night. I was in tremendous pain. Getting comfortable at night these days is almost impossible. The pain and stiffness in my legs have made finding a position to sleep almost zero. When I do finally fall asleep I toss and turn. Between the pain and tossing and turning I only get an average of two to three hours of sleep a night. I’m up usually by 1 am unable to go back to sleep.

That’s not what this post is about though. I’ve become kind of used to this nightly process.

This morning I thought to myself poor Greg! It doesn’t only affect me. It affects his sleep and his day as well.

I toss and turn not only moving the entire bed but most of the time I am unable to turn myself. This means I have to grab him and even wake him up for help. I’m up in that short span of time that I sleep two or three times to use the restroom. I’m sure it feels like an earthquake when I get up. Lol. There again sometimes that too requires help.

On top of that he is up and down with our crazy cat that is torn between being outside the bedroom and wanting to be with me. Sure I could get up to let him in and I do sometimes but usually by the time I can get myself up he’s already let Max in and back in bed.

This is just some of the things Greg deals with. I’m sure it’s not always easy. I’m sure there are times he thinks this crazy lady is annoying. Not always because he has to help in certain situations but because I tend to get myself in a pickle at times. I’m determined to do things for myself as much as possible. So sometimes I wait till it’s too late or I just can’t get myself off the floor to ask for help. Even then when he sees I’m stuck I kind of shrug him off determined to do it myself. It might be easier on both of us if I let him help. Sorry Greg! Not much chance of that happening. 🙂

He is a hero in my eyes. He never complains.
He holds my hand when it’s rough. I can see in his eyes he would do anything to take the pain away. That for me is enough.
No, it doesn’t take the pain away but it makes it a little easier to deal with.

I don’t tell him enough how much I appreciate that and appreciate him. I don’t tell him that waiting to see his silly grin and hear his crazy comments at the end of the day is what gets me through the tough days.

Cowboys SG resize

The smile that makes my day!

So thank you for all that you do inside and outside our home to make things a little easier for me.


And to all of you care givers and special ones that stand by those of us living with a chronic illness through our daily lives Thank You.

14 thoughts on “That for me is Enough

  1. That’s a wonderful person to have by your side. I give many kudos to those people that stick by the side of someone with a chronic illness. We don’t always remember to say thank you but you’ve said a beautiful one here.

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