From the Heart

Often I am asked why I don’t write about MS treatments and meds. So I thought I would write a post explaining why that is.

I have been told and even attacked for the fact that I don’t talk about or get involved in discussions on the subject in groups how can I raise awareness. These people have the right to their opinions and I understand where they are coming from. I do not discourage any one from comments, questions, or opinions. In fact I welcome them. Difference of opinion are often something to learn from. A new way to see things or at least an understanding of where a person is coming from.

Talking about treatments and meds are valuable topics. I agree that people need to be informed and that knowing others experiences with treatments are of help. I read about those experiences myself.

The reason I don’t write about it is simply because it is not what I choose to focus on. That is just who I am. I focus more on the mind I guess you could say. I write about my experiences and how MS has affected my life. How it has changed me as a person. What I have learned. I write from the heart and most of the time I don’t even know what I’m going to write until I start writing.

That is what has been so great about this journey since starting my blog. We all express ourselves differently. There is no right or wrong way! Only what is right for us. Will my writing change at some point to include discussion of treatments? Who knows! For now this is what is right for me. This is my way.

30 thoughts on “From the Heart

  1. As always a wonderfully written and heartfelt message. This just shows who you are as a writer and how big your heart is. Taking the time out to share your thoughts and experiences with the public is a wonderful, selfless gesture and everyone will have a varying opinion no matter what you do that is just the way of the world and what makes us human. Keep up the awesome work as I am a big fan and I truly admire what you do.

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  2. Your decision to not talk about or get involved in discussions is YOUR prerogative. The idea that you would get attacked outrages me. You will talk about/discuss it when and if you decide. That is your right and nobody should judge or question you for that.
    Your post is wonderful and touching.

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  3. I was diagnosed with MS almost 8 years ago, and I feel that the meds and their challenges are part of the journey of having MS but that’s me. I have never been attacked or challenged by anyone for the DMD that I chose. I don’t talk about the shots often because they, like the MS, are part of my life and there is nothing I can do to change either. It’s your blog so you can write about whatever you decide!

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  4. As someone who values empathy and compassion, who am I to judge anyone for what they choose to blog about? I really love reading your blog (regardless of what the subject matter is) because what you say comes from the heart, and I really appreciate you sharing what’s important to you. I was encouraged by your comment about writing -that you often don’t know what you are going to say until you write it – I feel that way too. But I love that about blogging – that we can say whatever comes, and if others can relate -then that’s a bonus! Thank you for sharing from your heart 🙂

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  5. Young lady you are beautiful & wonderful,everything you write touches me one way or another! & i am simply a supporter for someone who has MS! Things you write truly come from the heart & it helps me so much to understand what you all go thru and i apply your stories to my everday mundane life! So from my heart to yours Thank You so much for being so inspiring! I Love Your Blog!

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  6. I really enjoyed your post and your writing, it comes across so naturally. I’m saddened to hear you’ve had criticism for not writing about DMDs. I too have MS but rarely write about it in my blog, it’s just something I haven’t felt moved to discuss in my writing yet. It’s your blog and I’d rather read about what you’ve felt moved to write in that moment than some blogs that can read like bits of dry toast. Your blog most definitely isn’t in the latter category, you’ve got a new fan here!

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  7. Hi Shannon,
    I’ve enjoyed coming over to your blog today and have also liked your facebook page. One of the great things about blogging is that it’s your blog and you get to choose the focus. Everyone will have different opinions and experiences with the wide variety of MS treatment options now available (at least for those of us who RRMS) When you’re blogging about MS, however, then you get to decide what elements of living with this illness are the most important to you at this time. At the end of the day, people can easily find information about treatments online. However, your experience is unique and your voice is the one that needs to be heard through your blog.
    Keep on writing your story. Keep true to your voice, and keep on fighting this illness. I’m doing the same,

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  8. Shannon, I always love learning whether about how this has affected you or others. Thanks for the time you take to share so we all can learn! Also, glad to see you visited, deep roots at home 🙂

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  9. Keep writing about what you love. From the heart is so much better then endless treatments. I often wonder if I should write more about my kids and their endless special needs, but I don’t and that is ok too. Thanks for playing the Pinterest Game

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  10. Hi Shannon, I ran across your link over at Danny’s blog today. I look forward to following and learning more about your MS journey. Nice meeting you.

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  11. I don’t think you owe anyone an explanation but I commend you for doing so. I am a fellow MSer, diagnosed Feb 2010 but symptoms felt long before the official word. I also choose not to be an advocate for the disease. I mention it periodically in my blogs but not for awareness reasons. I’m not a victim to the disorder and have chosen to treat more holistically. I’m doing well and most don’t know unless I tell them. It’s about balance for me. I make sure my family and friends know how to support me but don’t want to live in it daily. I completely understand and pray you and anyone else on your blog respect your stance. Stay well my friend!😇

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