Turning Negatives Into a Garden

I haven’t been blogging as much as I would like to. It has been a real challenge lately. The physical symptoms have been enough on their own but the real challenge has been gathering my thoughts and finding words. Most of the time the words are there. I just can’t make the connection from my brain to my tongue. This has been a problem off and on for some time now and I’m fully aware that it is getting worse. Normally when I write I don’t have this problem. Not sure why that is. However that hasn’t been the case lately. I have read many blogs and wanted to comment. I should comment but I just haven’t been able to get my thoughts out. I’m finding this very frustrating.

I read a past post The Hidden Symptoms of MS from Tripping Through Treacle the other day where Jen expressed some of the same. I had read this post before and I could relate very much then but it resonates even more with me currently.

For the most part I have been taking a break from anything having to do with writing. Even as I wrote the last two recipe posts I struggled. For the life of me I couldn’t get portabella mushroom from my brain to the keyboard. I had to take a step back and laugh. What the heck Shannon! You use these things all the time. It’s right there in your head just type it! Lol. Don’t even get me started on saying the wrong word. In a conversation with my daughter the other day I said Hawaii out of no where. I don’t even remember what the conversation was about much less what the intended word was. So I guess I’m losing my memory too. 🙂 I do know the word started with H. So at least the word that came out started with the right letter.

What I have been doing lately is trying to turn the negative into positive. Pushing through the physical and hoping the other  will pass. I’ve been spending most of my time outside. I wanted to plant a garden any way. The backyard needed TLC. The weeds had taken over. Not even kidding! It was a jungle. I was afraid I was going to lose my dog out there.

I didn’t take any before pics. I wish I had. The weeds behind that bed were covering the entire yard.IMAG0632~2 (2)

Now it looks like this. Middle bed (2)middle bed2

There is still some work to do. The bed is still pretty empty but I have seed coming up in the back to fill it in.

My little vegetable garden. You can’t see it very well but there is actually quite a bit coming up in there.

Veggie garden (2)

corner bed

I just have dessert wild flower seed in this bed. It just started coming up this week.

The best part. My favorite part is my herb garden. Nothing like being able to step out your back door and get fresh herbs.

It gets really hot here. I mean really hot. I’ve seen it 124 degrees. So summers are really hard on gardens. Even plants that are drought tolerant and like full sun suffer in this heat.

So I decided to make a pallet  garden by the patio. For two reasons. Hopefully it will block some of the sun from the patio. Also I hope it will provide needed shade for some of my plants. This wasn’t an easy task at the time. I had no strength in my arms and left leg. I wasn’t sure how I was going to hold the pallet up there to hang it but I’m determined to find a way. So I took one of my patio chairs, found some boards and laid them across the chair to make a platform. So how ever high the chair and wood was, was going to determine the height of the wall. 🙂

pallet wall3

pallet gardenpallet wall5 (2)

I’m sure I will add more to this or change it some how but for now I’m happy with how it turned out.

Click here to see Turning Negatives into a Garden 2, all the changes I have made, and how beautifully the yard has transformed.


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29 thoughts on “Turning Negatives Into a Garden

  1. Your pallet garden is great! It’s given me ideas for my own herbs! I empathize about not being able to get the word from brain to keyboard or mouth. It’s so frustrating! And there have been times I’ve told someone to set the microwave for $1.30 instead of 1 minute 30.

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  2. I feel you Shannon. Still one of my newer symptoms and it’s mosty names but I feel your frustration as I did Jen’s. I wish I had great insight but I can say you did great work on your garden. How do you function in heat as hot as an oven lol. I’d be toast.

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  3. Beautiful garden! It can definitely be a challenge to turn negatives into positives. I like what you said that your thoughts were having trouble getting from your brain to your mouth. I can’t really put a description of what I’m experiencing. It’s like I hear of a certain situation, I know there should be a reaction or action taken because of it, and I just freeze. Not sure if there is a name for that, but it’s very annoying!

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  4. This already looks great. It will be so beautiful when it really gets going. On the heat and watering issue, I saw something about an urban farmer in LA using terracotta pots to keep his soil irrigated. I think the proper name for them is an olla or something? I was thinking of using them for my larger pot plants because dehydration for plants can be an issue when we have hose pipe bans in the UK – not a country known for its warm weather!

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  5. The garden looks amazing! I have been having lots of word finding problems over the past week since I have been on holiday, it has really affected my processing skills. A little thing that I find works sometimes to help is thinking of what the item you have lost the word for looks like (imagingbitnin your head) – often it helps the word to pop into my head. Xx

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  6. Despite your struggles, I admire your determination to continue to persevere. I have no doubt that God will use your perseverance to encourage someone going through a similar struggle. I can’t imagine how challenging the difficult days are, but I’m blessed by the fact that you continue to knock the dust off and keep going. You are in my prayers.

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  7. This post is so inspiring!
    I’m like you sometimes I just can’t get my thoughts together to write.
    And what I do is take a break and don’t even sweat it.
    This post let us know that writing haves its ups and downs. And sometimes the best post is writing about our struggles.

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  8. I love the look of your little patio! The pallet garden is a great idea, and I’m wondering how are the pots staying on? Is there a hanger or something? We don’t do big gardening anymore, but I do like starting seeds in little pots. 🙂

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  9. Ahh Shannon….firstly thank you for linking up to #MyGloriousGardens. This is my first one so I was worried that people wouldn’t engage with it! And then to your post…..what an inspiration! I know a little about MS as my cousin has the early stages of it. I love the way you have turned this around and put your thoughts, love and triumph into your little plot of land. I can see all your hard work already. I would love to be linked into a catch up post to see how all the plants are doing so I have followed you. I will do another Link party in a few week. Do join me. Thank you again. #MyGloriousGardens

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