I believe things in life happen for a reason. It doesn’t always seem fair and we may not understand why at the time but I truly believe there is a reason. This is what carries me through life. When things are difficult I look for the answers why? NOT WHY ME? Rather what is it I am intended to learn from this? Was it to make me a stronger person? Was it to give me understanding to help others? And what should I and can I do to reach out to others? The answer is yes to all of the above.

MSnubutterflies Blog Multiple Sclerosis

I’m at a place in life I feel I need to share my story. Raise awareness, offer hope, and of course laughter. I promise not to be too serious. (not possible any way I’m a silly girl)

October 28th 2010 is a day I will never forget!  It is the day was admitted to the hospital with what was first thought to be a TIA.  You can read more in my first post about how it all began The Day My Life Changed.  I remember it as if it were yesterday. The doctors came in and told me we are almost certain it’s MS. My daughter ran out of the room. I couldn’t go after her as I was still unable to walk. That hurt more than hearing it was MS. I wanted to go tell my baby everything would still be ok! The words MS honestly didn’t phase me. I know I am a fighter and I would find my way.  Even though it is true it has changed my life in so many ways and I am still learning and finding my way. The most important things in life love and laughter remain the same.

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  1. You are an inspiration and example to others. Thank you for sharing your heart and purpose. May God use you and your story to encourage or provoke others to make the best of their lives, whatever circumstance they may find themselves in. I popped across to thank you for following my blog. It is appreciated.

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  2. Hi!
    I ran across your blog while reading a post on Declan’s blog (https://able2access.wordpress.com/) I would love to add your blog to my super long MS Resource page (http://www.bbhwithms.com/resources-all-things-ms/) My aim is to keep it as current and extensive as possible. If you know of any other resources I don’t yet have, I would love to add them as well.

    I look forward to reading more of your stories!

    Meg (aka BBH)

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    1. I would absolutely love it if you add my blog to your resource page. Thank you. It’s kind of funny because I have been following you on Twitter as well as your blog for close to a year now. We have actually connected on Twitter a few times. My Twitter is @beautifu75. I will take a closer look at your resource page and let you know if I see something you haven’t already included. Thanks again. 🙂

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  3. HAHAHA!!!!
    I can’t even tell you how many times I manage to stick my foot into my mouth with NOT knowing I have connected with people on other sites/groups and social media platforms. I think one of the things that just doesn’t register for me is the different usernames that are used with all the different places. NOT to say that is anyone’s fault but my own – just part of my cluelessness 🙂 I will add and as I said, do look forward to reading more and following you….HERE, TWITTER or WHERE EVER you want me to:)


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    1. Not a problem 🙂 I have the same issue. It’s funny how certain things stick and other things I couldn’t remember if they happened just 5 minutes ago. I’ve stuck my foot in my mouth a few times too. Lol. Have a great day!

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  4. A gentle spirit and a belief in the impossible. Yes there is a reason and I believe God will show us all the meanings to all things that happen in our lives. Love hearing this story and applaud your courage to put it out there.

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  5. I have passed on a link to your blog to two women that my husband works with..they have both been diagnosed with MS within the past year. You are so uplifting and I know that they will gain support here. Bless you.

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  6. Hi, such a powerful and inspirational writing! I have come to know about MS very recently. I am an engineer and a researcher. For last 2 months I am working with a professor who’s research interest is automated rehabilitation support, improving recovery and progress assessment for people with MS. I know whatever we are doing is very small compared to the time and research required in this field. I will be personally very happy and grateful to God if I can contribute something (no matter how small) to this area of research.
    I wish you all the best. You are an inspiration to all the people with MS.

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  7. I think its great you are sharing your story and staying so positive. My dad has MS so I may show him your blog to show no one has to go through it alone

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  8. You are a strong person to respond positively – I doubt I would have that strength to respond that positively!
    Like a person commented, you are a good example to this society.
    I wish you all the best and may happiness be experienced to you and your family regardless of the battles.
    Thank you so much for following me, I appreciate it.
    Kind regards,

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  9. Hi MSnubutterflies!
    This is Doni, I would like to inform you that I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Congratulations! I nominated you because your blog is very inspirational. Your dedication, your strength is very strong and is something you should be proud of. I hope your journey goes smoothly and happiness is experienced despite of the battles!
    All the best my friend!
    View more details here at my post;
    Kind regards,
    Doni 🙂

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  10. There’s an old hymn that goes.
    “We’ll understand it, all by and by.”
    Sometimes bad things happen, I’ve been through some. Probably everyone has some heartache!
    The Bible is full of examples of People who’ve gone through really hard times.
    Many times UNDESERVED. (though sometimes deserved, in that case the good guys repent. 😛 )
    Sometimes only God can comfort us, I hope you show God’s love through your life. And that both you and your daughter (and any other family) Accept God’s love for you wholeheartedly.

    I’ll be praying for you.

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  11. After reading “meet and greet”, from Laura Bruno Lilly, I came here to your site and am re-bloggging it.I grew up in Ontario Canada and my Mother had MS from her 30’s until she died at 74.She had a slow developing MS and managed to do a lot over the years. i have gone on a few walks here in Alberta where I moved to a couple of decades ago. This province has the second-highest rate of MS in Canada and I must know a dozen people that has the disease and everyone I know knows of someone who has the disease. When I was a teen when my Mom was diagnosed, I had never heard of MS before.
    Keep positive and strong in heart. I wish you a happy and healthy New Year.

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  12. Thank you for sharing. I think there are so many of us out there that need to connect by telling our stories and sharing each others pain. I don’t know your pain that is unique to your struggle but I am here if you ever need and ear.

    24 year fighter of Crohns Disease.

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  13. Hey Shannon, I am so glad you swung by my blog and I ended up here!
    You are such a brave heart, smiling at the face of all the adversities. That is the kind of attitude we need – a slight change from ‘Why Me’ to ‘Why Not Me’ as you aptly put it down. I am sure your journey will be an inspiration to many.
    Keep smiling! 🙂

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  14. Hi there. I’m happy to have found your blog. I’m new to this and am enjoying connecting with others with invisible illnesses. I like your positive attitude, it’s inspiring! Thank you 🙂

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  15. You have MS for a reason. You now have a mission to figure out it’s purpose. I know it sounds weird, but enjoy it. Find the benefits instead of the negatives. Smile and live your life! If you take a look at my blog I havent been doing well either after what I went through last year medically. We both can be strong! -Bruce


    1. I think maybe you misunderstood what I wrote. I actually stated the opposite of what you listed here. That there is a reason, and that I don’t look for the negatives rather what I can learn from it, and finding laughter through it all. That is my approach on life in all aspects. I am a very positive person. 🙂 Thank you for visiting.

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  16. Shannon, thank you for sharing your journey! My oldest brother was afflicted with MS. I’m sure you have done a tremendous amount of research. I wonder if you have come across the possible connection between MTHFR and MS? We recently found some of us in our family are afflicted with this very common genetic deficiency. Our experience with MTHFR has been with mental health concerns, but some researchers are now suggesting that this gene deficiency may be connected to other health concerns. God bless you as you continue your health journey and your positive attitude, which is a ray of hope for others.

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  17. Just found your page via a TN website. Also an MS patient with TN (had the face pain in some form since I was in my 20s and official MS Dx in 2009). Looking forward to looking around here. I have a feeling there will be many commonalities.

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