Niko and Max

Meet my kids! My other kids that is.  I thought I would just have some fun and introduce my fur babies. Niko and Max. (AKA Maximus) Yes like the Gladiator! Not my doing…lol. I think it fits him though.

Niko is a gentle soul. He was a rescue and I believe we were meant to find each other.


He jumped into my arms as soon as he saw me and we have been inseparable since. We have both been victims of abuse and I think he could sense that I understood his pain. He knew I would never hurt him. The first few weeks for him were a bit rough. He was so scared of everything. Sudden movement, loud noises, shutting of doors, tall men and deep voices. I spent a lot of time walking him and reassuring him.


Now you would almost never know that he had been abused. Except that every once in a while he will hide when he hears a  loud voice.






The new baby! So tiny and cute. Not so tiny anymore.

I got Max a year ago. I thought it would be good for Niko to have someone to play with since I’m not able to play as much as I did. Now mind you Niko did not like cats! Despises cats! So I wasn’t sure how this was going to go.

I expected him to bark and carry on a bit. I thought he would be mad at me for a while. Bringing another baby in but he wasn’t. He was his normal gentle self.



Brotherly love!



Poor Max is misunderstood.  He is definitely different. Has to know what is going on at all times. If you move furniture he’s right there to find out why…lol.  I say he is misunderstood because some people ( won’t mention names) think he is always grouchy. That just isn’t so and I have proof.


Does that look like a grouchy kitty? This is the Max I know. He just carefully selects who his friends are. It may or may not be that I am his only friend. 🙂

Niko and Max are more than just pets. They are family. They keep me company and make me laugh. More than that they know when I’m not feeling good and they watch out for me. Niko won’t leave my side when it’s rough and Max will nudge my nose with his until I move making sure I am ok.

29 thoughts on “Niko and Max

  1. Adorable. I’m blessed to hear you rescue rather than support puppy mills. I rescued a tiny, barely alive kitten. A year later I rescued a wolf pup someone took from a puppy mill and then didn’t want. Then to keep the yearling pup from annoying the cat (and getting his eyes clawed), I adopted a Golden Aussie pup.It was a love triangle from the first minute. They grew up happily together until old age sent them one-by-one to the Rainbow Bridge. Our fur kids provide the best therapy around. Good for you, Ms N. ❤ Good post!

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    1. I couldn’t tell you how many animals my sister and I have taken in and nursed back to health. We had a kitten when we were kids that was born slightly deformed. Vet insisted we should put him to sleep but my sister and I wouldn’t hear of it. We worked with the kitten and eventually he was able to walk. Same kitten about a year later had his side slashed open by a mountain lion. We nursed him back to health again. He was a fighter!


      1. I’d say so! I love good stories with happy fur endings. The kitten I mentioned had been thrown in the Columbia River to drown. The vet I took her to immediately suspected she was one of a litter of Abyssinian breeder since the regular client never brought the litter in. Also “Lucy” showed signs of oxygen deprivation and the vet said her markings were distinctively Abyssinian. I worry about people sometimes. I’m glad to meet other champions for fur kids!

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  2. Don’t tell Niko, but when I first saw the photo of the two ‘babies’ on the Cowboys blanket (hmmm, should be Bronco-orange IMHO!!) I thought he was a large Siamese ahhh CAT! OOPS My bad!
    Grouchy kitties are very loyal, as you no doubt already know…

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  3. Great story. Thanks for posting. Reminds me of a spaniel beagle mix I had one time named, Sally. In Doggy Heaven now but the best friend a man could ever have.

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  4. Oh the stories we could tell about rescues!maybe we should write a book!yep i am the sister!Max is a good boy just selective! Niko oh he is a pure blessing! He has come so far and what a joy to see him bond so close to my sister! I have 3 rescue pups,well not pups anymore,but like she says KIDS! My fourth came from a rescue that has since gone over the rainbow bridge! I guess he could still be considered a rescue being as i had to give him mouth to mouth resuscitation when he was born! & i have a severe problem of germs!(he just had his 3rd birthday!) also have 2 rescue goats,10 rescue chickens,and since just over a year ago have had 7 lost dogs show up at my house & safely returned to their owners! This is what we were meant to do! Help one another whether human or animal! I wish all people were like that! What a wonderful world it would be! You are one of the most beautiful people i know! Always a source of strength,always encouraging! Yep i love this girl with all my heart!

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  5. animals are unconditional love and they know when we suffer both my cats Ricky and Lucy stayed next to me when I found out I needed 4 quad by pass a year ago in May Having MS and now heart condition whats next ???? doesn’t matter we are all fighters it will take more to put us out !!!!

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  6. Isn’t it fantastic to see how a dog and a cat, two rescues, two strangers can bond almost immediately and become a unit? One of our dog is a rescue and she has her moments. But the love she gives is endless (sometimes almost too much…).

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