March: MS Awareness Month

Tripping Through Treacle

March heralds MS Awareness month. But what does this actually mean? In my life, Iโ€™ve found that most people are โ€˜awareโ€™ of MS; they have a 2nd cousin twice removed who has it, or, as my husband used to think, โ€˜it is something that affects your mobilityโ€ฆ so you end up in a wheelchairโ€™. Heck,Iused to associate MS with wheelchairsโ€ฆ I remember being at Primary School, meeting a man using a wheelchair. He had MS.

But if I was going to raise awareness of MS, there are a few simple things I would like to make other people, those who have no personal knowledge and experience of MS, to be aware of:

Awareโ€ฆ. that MS is a โ€˜snowflakeโ€™ disease. We are all the same (have the same disease, Multiple Sclerosis), but we are all different. We may not all have the samesymptomsand, if weโ€ฆ

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