Turning Negatives Into a Garden 3

Last week while visiting another blogger I stumbled upon the #MyGloriousGarden Linky  from Old House in the Shires.

It is week 2 of the #MyGloriousGarden Linky. The idea of the linky is to share any post having to do with gardens. It can be your own garden, a visit with the family to a garden, and so on. If you are a gardener or if you just enjoy beautiful pictures stop by and visit.

After sharing my link and looking at the old post I thought I would do an update. I hadn’t really realized how much everything had grown. I mean everything! Including the weeds.

Actually I was aware of the weeds. Unfortunately my legs have been so weak I haven’t been able to keep up with them like I would like. The heat hasn’t helped. We are reaching between 105 and 109 right now. If you know anything about MS you know MS and the heat does not mix. For me it causes extreme fatigue, dizziness, weakness, and sometimes blurred vision.

I have to laugh here because I was feeling kind of stupid last week. I’m usually pretty good at improvising and finding ways to do things. I do things to compensate for areas of weakness. Sometimes without even realizing I’m doing it. I know better but I guess I have become so used to areas I have weakness that it comes naturally. My legs mostly. One of the things I do to compensate  is put my hand on one leg and then my arm runs across to the other leg. It helps keep my legs from shaking as much when I’m doing something that requires bending for a period of time. Of course doing these things causes other issues. Needless to say  I hurt my neck and shoulder pretty bad pulling weeds.  This is why I felt stupid though. My sister posted a picture on Facebook of my brother-in-law sitting on a milk crate pulling weeds. Why wasn’t I doing this? I have a milk crate! lol.


yoda hard way

It is so much easier using the milk crate but I still have some work to do.


M flower bed (2)


flowers (3)


IMAG1078 (2)

In the first post I mentioned how I was struggling to find words. I was sure that this would have passed by now but it hasn’t. In fact it seems worse. At times I feel like I’m in a complete fog. It is the strangest feeling to feel like you’re there but you’re not there. One of the bloggers I follow mentioned struggling with this lately as well. He described it as feeling as if you are not in the same room with your body while in a conversation.  To read his post click here Knock Knock………..

The garden continues to be a source of turning negatives into a garden. It gives me motivation. Something to look forward to every morning. There is always something to be done. It changes every day. I find new flowers coming up or new blooms.

Wild life to be watched. From lizards finding shade in the flowers to this butterfly.




It is these little things that bring me joy and keep me moving.







32 thoughts on “Turning Negatives Into a Garden 3

  1. You silly girl!😄 yes we been using the same 2 milk crates for years! I put my knee pad on mine,otherwise i get a sore bum!& remember to flip it over if i have gotten up for even just a few seconds or ya get a burned bum!😄

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  2. I think not only is the garden beautiful but so are your words. As always we adapt to figure out what works best at different tasks. The accomplishment is something to be so proud of, truly inspiring.

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  3. Wow Shannon! It’s really grown hasn’t it?! Good job you. You sound like you have experienced pain lately so I’m sending you (((hugs))) and best wishes for a better few days and less heat by the sounds of it. Perhaps you could send some heat to us in the UK as it’s cold this week even though it’s supposed to be summer!

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  4. Your garden is blooming Shannon! Sorry to hear that you are still suffering with your symptoms though. You are so inspiring, keep going xx

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  5. What a beautiful diversity of flowers, shrubs, veggies, and art! I enjoyed how you started with an overview and gradually drew us into the details as we would if we were really there.

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  6. Your garden has really grown Shannon since the past photos! Wow! It certainly looks beautiful. Thank you so much for linking up to #MyGloriousGardens again. I love having you and I often read your blog in between link ups too. I hope to see you next month. x

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