Sedona Get Away

Last Friday was my birthday. Greg took me on a much-needed little get away trip. I didn’t even realize how needed until we got there. Actually I was a little skeptical about the trip because it never fails that MS has a way of rearing its ugly head when I want or need to do something. I feel like a party pooper sometimes. My body tires and I have to stop often or decide not to do some activities.

Luckily my annoying little brother ( MS) took a back seat so to speak. It was always there just like an annoying brother that likes to aggravate you but in the background. I was able to walk better and for longer distances than I have in a long time. My foot did drag some and I tripped several times. I’m sure some on lookers thought I’d been hitting the bar a little too much. Lol.

I had a great time and really enjoyed spending time with Greg.

So I thought I would share some of the beautiful scenery from our trip.

We went to Sedona. Most people know Sedona for its beautiful red rocks and peaceful atmosphere. It’s also known for the many westerns filmed there. Starting with Zane Grey’s Call of the Canyon. John Wayne, Donna Reed, and Joan Crawford were among some of the other greats to film in Sedona.

Sedona also has a strong Native American history. We took one of the trolley tours. Our guide was awesome and you could tell he really loves what he does. He was full of information about Sedona. I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to these things. I love to learn about the history of towns and how people lived. I could listen to stories of how it once was for hours. A lot of the history I already knew but I enjoyed hearing it again and remembering things I had filed away some where. He did share something I didn’t know. How Sedona got its name or the story of how it got its name that is. It’s said that T.C and Sedona Schnebly were amongst some of the first settlers to Oak Creek Canyon. T.C. suggested Oak Creek Crossing or Schnebly Station as names to Washington D.C. but the names weren’t accepted by the Postmaster because of the lack of letters on the stamp. T.C.’s brother suggested he name the town after his wife. Sedona was approved June 26, 1902.

Now on with the pics! 🙂



Along the Trolley Tour


Scenery Along the History Walk


Having Some Fun


and celebrating my birthday

with one of the famous prickly pear margaritas and a pretty great guy I must say!


33 thoughts on “Sedona Get Away

  1. That is great that you got to get away with your husband! Love the pics, looks beautiful! My husband and I love history as well! We enjoy it more now then we did when we were younger and had to take it in school 🙂

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