10 Reasons I’m Rocking Motherhood

10 Reasons I'm Rocking Motherhood

When I saw that Jen from Tripping Through Treacle had tagged me in her post about Rocking Motherhood I was a little surprised to be honest. Maybe even wondering what I could add to such a wonderful tag. You see her post is about Rocking Motherhood despite chronic illness.  I am in awe of mothers raising their kids while living with a chronic illness. On that level I don’t have much to add. I was fortunate in that my kids were basically grown at the time of onset.

Even still I feel at times that MS has robbed me of being everything that I should be for them (even as adults) but I realized as I was writing this I am too hard on myself. I’m still Rocking Motherhood just in different ways.

So thank you Jen for tagging me in this post. Please visit Jen’s blog. She positively shares her life  living with a chronic illness and advice for moms.

The #RockingMotherhood tag was created by Pat from White Camellias as a way to focus on the small but great things mothers do every day.

So here is my list of ten things that mean I am #RockingMotherhood:



I listen to my kids

Probably one of the most important things a parent can do. Listen to your kids. I’m not saying I’m perfect or that I have never ever become upset when they have come to me. I can say most of the time I have taken a step back and reminded myself that I have always told them they can come to me about anything. Took the time to hear them out and talk through it.


I’m comfortable with who I am
I’ve always tried to instill that in my kids. Be you. Accept yourself for who you are. Don’t be afraid to express yourself. One of my favorite quotes is ” In a world you can be anything….be yourself”


I never stop learning

I’ve always told them life is continual learning. Welcome learning. Welcome change.


I’m honest
I don’t hide things from my kids. Some would probably disagree with me on this but I’ve never believed in sheltering my kids. Life can be messy at times. I felt they should know things are not always going to work the way they think it should. I wanted them to learn how to cope with the ups and downs before they were out in the world on their own. I hoped that sharing some of my obstacles and how I coped with them would help prepare them.


I let my silly side come through

Kids need to see that side of you. We have had some crazy moments over the years. It’s always fun to embarrass them too. ( not in a bad way) Like singing old 80’s songs in the car as loud as you can.


I let my kids grow ( how was I going to stop it right)
By this I mean I didn’t try to keep my kids from growing up. Yes, we all wish they could stay little to a certain extent. So we can protect them. I let my kids make (some) decisions. They have to learn how to weigh things out for themselves. I’d much rather let them make some of these decisions. (mistakes) and learn that process while still at home. While mom was still there to catch them if they fell too far. We talked. I offered advice and options but in the end I let them know they needed to make the decision and be ready for what that decision might in-tell.


I accept responsibility

I admit when I’m wrong. Even to my kids. I’m not a perfect mother. Who is. I have made mistakes along the way.


I appreciate life everyday
Everything about it. The downs that cause you to look at yourself and the opportunities to grow. Loved ones and the moments created. The little things that may not seem so significant. My morning coffee on the patio…..listening to the birds chirp. Even though it’s drowned out by the sound of morning commuters 🙂


I do my best

Everyday I do my best  to make sure they know they are loved and that I am here for them.


I show respect
My kids are grown so this is important. I will always be mom and I will always be here if and when needed. They can talk to me any time about anything. I will offer suggestions and share what I have learned but I will not meddle. They are adults. They have their own lives and relationships. I respect that. (unless of course they were being harmed then all bets are off )

So there you have it. It’s hard to come up with a list as Jen said moms tend to downplay how well they are doing. I must have done something right.  I have two pretty amazing adult children. 🙂


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  1. Thank the blogger that tagged you and link to their blog.
  2. List 10 things you believe make you a good mother (this is just a guideline. It can be more or less than 10. I really don’t mind.)
  3. Tag 3 – 5 bloggers to join in the #RockingMotherhood Tag.
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13 thoughts on “10 Reasons I’m Rocking Motherhood

  1. I loved reading your list Shannon! I knew that you had grown up kids but I knew that you would have some great things to share. I especially liked ‘letting them grow’ – so important but not always so easy. Thank you for taking part 🙂

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  2. Being able to have a wonderful mom like the one you sound to be is such a beautiful thing to have. I didn’t get to have a real with my mom so it always touches my heart reading or seeing things like this.✨

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  3. Epic love for this post. I spent fifteen years desperately ill and too many times felt like a let down for my kid, but hell YEAH it gives a unique perspective on motherhood and a different way of bonding with our kids.

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