5 Things You Should Ask Yourself Before You Speak

I think growing up with a disabled mom gave me an understanding of how hurtful judging others for their differences can be. Living with multiple sclerosis and coping with the progression of the disease has made me even more aware of this. A recent personal experience brought forth the emotions this kind of judgment puts … More 5 Things You Should Ask Yourself Before You Speak

Mixed Emotions

Just two days before  WalkMS 2016.  Beautiful Butterflies has raised $3567 so far. Great job team! I owe a big thank you to Greg without him this wouldn’t be possible. I’m a bit torn this time and didn’t expect to feel this way. Don’t get me wrong. I’m still excited and looking forward to it very … More Mixed Emotions

Niko and Max

Meet my kids! My other kids that is.  I thought I would just have some fun and introduce my fur babies. Niko and Max. (AKA Maximus) Yes like the Gladiator! Not my doing…lol. I think it fits him though. Niko is a gentle soul. He was a rescue and I believe we were meant to find each … More Niko and Max

What Ifs

I don’t usually visit my social sites on the weekend. Only occasionally if I’m home by myself and I have nothing else to do. Saturday happened to be one of those days. The first post I saw was one from a friend I met through a MS group that we both belong to. A fellow … More What Ifs