I Will Continue to Fight

It’s been a long time since I posted on my blog. This may not be the best piece of writing but I’ll take it as I struggle more and more with the cognitive side of MS. It has become very difficult to put thoughts together and this just popped in my head so for me … More I Will Continue to Fight

5 Things You Should Ask Yourself Before You Speak

I think growing up with a disabled mom gave me an understanding of how hurtful judging others for their differences can be. Living with multiple sclerosis and coping with the progression of the disease has made me even more aware of this. A recent personal experience brought forth the emotions this kind of judgment puts … More 5 Things You Should Ask Yourself Before You Speak

Only I Can Choose

A funny thing happened this past Friday. Well I can say it’s funny now. It had been a difficult day already. I wasn’t feeling well. My leg was dragging and my arm just didn’t feel right.   I went outside for a bit but when I tried to come in I found myself stuck. It’s … More Only I Can Choose