Missing My Maxi

Last Monday I had to say bye to my Maxi forever. It has been a trying week. I wasn’t prepared for the flood of emotions his death has brought on. I’ve always been one to bounce back or be able to carry on in the worst of situations. I’ve never been depressed and these overwhelming … More Missing My Maxi

Christmas Traditions

This time of year you can’t help but reflect on life, how things have changed, and all of the wonderful memories. I was thinking about my kids today and how things have changed. Now that they are grown Christmas has changed. That’s not a bad thing. They have work, other family to spend time with, … More Christmas Traditions

Niko and Max

Meet my kids! My other kids that is.  I thought I would just have some fun and introduce my fur babies. Niko and Max. (AKA Maximus) Yes like the Gladiator! Not my doing…lol. I think it fits him though. Niko is a gentle soul. He was a rescue and I believe we were meant to find each … More Niko and Max