Italian Chick Pea Soup with Gnocchi

Chick Pea SoupIngredients:

  • 2 Cans Chick Peas ( rinsed and drained)
  • 1 Bag Frozen Corn
  • 1 Cup chopped Celery
  • 1/2 of a Green Bell Pepper
  • 1/2 Cup Onion
  • 5 Garlic Cloves
  • 5 Roma Tomatoes
  • 1 1/2 tsp. Thyme
  • 1 tsp. Fennel
  • 1 tsp. Oregano
  • 1 1/2 tsp. Sage
  • Fresh Basil
  • 1 Sprig Fresh Rosemary ( coarsely chopped )
  • Fresh Italian Parsley
  • 2 Bay Leaves
  • 1 pkg. Tomato Bullion ( optional)
  • 5 Cups Vegetable Stock
  • 4 to 5 Cups Water
  • Salt and Pepper
  • 1 batch home-made Gnocchi

Start by roasting the garlic, onion, bell pepper, and tomatoes. To do this simply cut the tomatoes in half and place on a cookie sheet with the whole garlic cloves, chopped onion, and bell pepper, drizzle with coconut oil, salt, and pepper. Bake at 375 degrees F. for about 20 minutes.

In a large pan on medium high heat add a small amount of coconut oil. Finely chop the roasted garlic. Cook the roasted garlic, onion, bell pepper, celery, salt, pepper, and Thyme until fragrant.  Add the water, broth, tomato bullion, chick peas, corn, and all the other herbs except Basil and parsley. Bring to a slow boil. Turn down the heat to low and simmer. Give the roasted tomatoes that you set aside earlier a quick chop and add them to the soup.

While that simmers make the gnocchi. This is actually very easy to make. If you have left over mashed potatoes this would be a great way to use them up.


All you need to make vegan gnocchi is:

  • 1 Cup Mashed Potatoes
  • 2 Cups Flour
  • 1/4 tsp. Salt

In a bowl mix the mashed potatoes and salt. Add the flour a small amount at a time until you have a dough that is soft but not sticky. Divide the dough into 4 or 5 balls. On a floured surface roll each ball into a tube about 1/2 an inch wide. Cut the tubes with a knife into 1/2 to 1 inch pieces. ( or the size you prefer) Press the tops of the dough lightly with a fork. Bring a large pot of salted water to a rapid boil. Drop the dough into the boiling water making sure not to crowd them. When they float to the top they are done. This only takes a minute or two. Remove from the water with a slotted spoon and place in a strainer. When you have finished cooking the gnocchi add it to the soup.

To finish the soup add fresh basil and parsley. Serve and enjoy 🙂




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