DIY Faux Marble Table Top

Okay so this was an experiment. I had no idea how it was going to turn out but what did I have to lose. Worse case scenario start all over.

I had  a coffee table with glass inserts. I love the table but hate the glass. I was constantly cleaning it. I also have two end tables that are similar in style to the coffee table. The end tables have marble inserts.  I wanted to achieve two things. Make the tables look more like a complete set and make the finger prints less visible on the coffee table. It really was driving me crazy!

I had painted the coffee table white as you can see about a year ago. Before I had the end tables. I looked for a better before and after pic. I know I took one but after searching like a crazy woman through all my pics this is all that I found.


The end tables


I decided I would attempt to paint the glass inserts to match ( or closely match) the end tables.

I started out by cleaning the glass with alcohol to remove any residue. Dried the glass completely with a lint free cloth. I covered my kitchen island with a drop cloth and laid the glass bottom side up.

The island was a perfect working space because it’s just the right height. Less bending or stretching which creates fatigue in my legs.

I got all my paint out as I wasn’t sure which paint was going to work best and I needed several shades for this.

You would think a glass paint or a gloss would be the best way to go. I found that the glass paint or gloss paint wasn’t giving me the initial base coat that I needed. I knew that the acrylic paint would dry too fast and peel away from the glass.

This is what I came up with and it worked well. I mixed the acrylic paint with the gloss. 1 part acrylic to 2 parts gloss. I gave the entire piece of glass a thin base coat using antique white.

Before it was completely dry I added the marbling. To do this I used several colors. White, tan, and a darker brown. I layered these colors on in random patterns. I found a wooden skewer works great for this. I just ran half of the skewer through paint and twirled it between my fingers down the glass. Changing directions and alternating colors. Then I went back in with a dry brush and swirled or blended some areas to soften it a bit.

Let this sit until it was almost completely dry. Then I went back over it with the same paint I used for the base coat. This brings it all together.

I let that dry completely and applied two coats of sealer.

After I was sure it was dry I put the inserts back in the table. ( painted side down )


It’s not perfect but it was fun and I learned what I need to do next time around. It does match better. Although I will probably paint the end tables white as well eventually.

Best thing about it is you don’t see the fingerprints anymore so I’m satisfied with the end result. 🙂

31 thoughts on “DIY Faux Marble Table Top

  1. Wow! That turned out awesome! I like it much better with the marbled look! Beautiful job girl! Hey did you ever realise our end tables are almost the same?!

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  2. They look great! I had glass end tables and coffee table years ago so I know what you mean about the constant cleaning. This was a brilliant way to save the tables, give them a new look, and save yourself all that cleaning!

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