Hidy Tidy – DIY litter box cabinet


This is a project I did a couple of months ago. I love my cat ( Maximus) Max.


As you can see he can be quite a character. In the first pic he is trying to wake his brother up to play. Niko isn’t having that. If he’s under his blanket that’s like hanging a do not disturb sign :).  The middle pic I call the neighborhood watch. It was the funniest thing when we moved into this house. Every morning at the same time they both went to the window. Watching anything or anybody that went by. As if to say we’re here now! Don’t bother our house! Lol. The last pic was taken while I was packing to move. I think he was trying to tell me to stop and pay him attention instead. Max talks to me. Seriously he is the most talkative cat I have ever seen. I know it’s weird but I know his meows. If I leave the room without him knowing he has one to call me. Max must know where I am at all times!

This isn’t a post about Max though so let me get on with it. As I said I love my cat. I do not love his litter box though. I had planned to make a hide away for his box for some time. We lived in an apartment before moving to the house and there just wasn’t room to add any furniture. So this was the first thing I did when we moved.

I went in search of a piece of furniture that would look like it was supposed to be there. Unless you really look you wouldn’t know it’s the cat bathroom. It also had to be the right width for the box and have doors for easy clean up. imag0659

We found this. I actually felt a little bad for making this into a litter box hide away. It’s a nice solid piece of furniture and it’s meant to be a bar. The top opens up. I also thought I could turn this into an awesome sewing table but it was just right for the task at hand.

So litter box hide away it should be.

I began first by cutting out an entrance hole in the side.  Then sanding it down. I didn’t go all crazy on the sanding. I just wanted to get the top layer of sealant off and rough it up a bit so it could take the paint. I knew I wanted to grab some of the other colors from the house and bring them out. I just wasn’t sure which combination I wanted to use. I decided to test the red ( cranberry ) that you will find little hints of around the house.



I didn’t want a thick layer of bright red so I decided to go with a wash of red. That way you could still see the wood and it wouldn’t be so overwhelming. For that I just used my acrylic craft paint that I already had and watered it down.




I brushed the red on and then wiped it off with a cloth removing any excess. I liked the way that looked and went with that.

Now for those ugly 1970’s looking inserts in the doors. I started out with a beige or tan color but I just didn’t like the way it looked. So I went with the gold color also seen above. It’s called Kings Gold but it looks like Turmeric to me.

imag0664As you can see it took several coats to cover the inserts and I’m still not sure if I like the gold. Knowing me I’ll probably change it.

I finished painting the red over the rest of the cabinet. Sanded the knobs down to give them an older distressed look then went over them with seafoam green. Wiping the excess off here too and sanding with fine sand paper to reveal more of the wood. I just wanted the knobs to look slightly tarnished.

When I was done painting the entire cabinet I cut trim to go around the cut out ( cat entrance) to give it a finished look. I just glued it on with good ole Gorilla glue. Then painted the trim red. If you look close enough in the pic you can see a small part that in the entrance that I didn’t paint. I was hurting and so stiff I had to stop working on it. I didn’t realize until I took the pictures that I had forgot to go back and finish. Oops! imag0064

On the inside I used a regular tote or storage container for the litter box. I have found these work better than litter boxes. I usually cut a round hole on one side of the lid giving the cat a landing spot so they can enter the box. Having the lid on works wonders for the kitties that like to kick litter every where. The lid in this case would have made the box too high for the cabinet. So I cut an entrance on the side. Making sure I still left it deep enough for kicking litter around. imag0059617-2I put the box in the cabinet all the way to the side furthest away from the entrance. I also put a mat from the dollar store under the box and leading to the entrance. I did that so any litter that might stick to Max’s paws would come off before he exits. imag0060


There it is a cat box hide away. Max seems to like it too.


imag0058616 imag0056621



19 thoughts on “Hidy Tidy – DIY litter box cabinet

  1. What a wonderful idea!! I think you should check in retail businesses online and furniture stores and pet, stores, and the place where they sell patents(?)… If there are stuff exactly like this combo furniture/litteratur box, or not. If there aren’t any you could take a patent(? Sorry dont know the correct word, I am not a native English speaker), get the rights for the idea! And then you could make these and sell them online to pet stores and people! Perhaps you will make some money, or a lot of money, who knows?! 😃 Congrats om being creative.🌸

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. There are companies that make cabinets specially for this purpose already but they are very expensive and don’t have that personal touch. That’s a great idea and I have thought about doing other DIY projects to sell but with my MS I wouldn’t be able to guarantee a time they would be complete. The things I create are more of a personable thing I do. One I love doing it. Two it helps me cope with my MS. 🙂


      1. Ah, ok, I see. Well if I lived in your neighborhood I would probably ask to buy one from you, that you could make on your own time schedule. 🙂 But I can see that it wouldn’t work for a bigger business with online sales etc. But it is a good thing that your projects help you and are fun in everyday life. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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