Buffalo Chicken Salad

I made this with the guys in the house in mind. What guy doesn’t love Buffalo Wings?

I wasn’t feeling very good so I needed something that would be easy. I thought this would be easy enough and something the guys would really enjoy at the same time.



2 to 3 Chicken Breasts

1 Bag Pasta ( what ever you prefer or have on hand)

1/2 Stick Margarine or Butter

1/2 C. Louisiana Hot Sauce

Sriracha Hot Sauce

1 1/2 C. Plain Yogurt or Olive Oil Mayo

1 C. Chopped Celery

Garlic Powder

Salt and Pepper

My sister’s cheese or Bleu cheese / Feta Crumbles

1/2 C. Ricotta Cheese ( if using other than the Bleu cheese or Feta)


Ok first of all if this had been something I planned I would have used Bleu cheese or Feta crumbles. What’s Buffalo wings without celery and Blue cheese dressing right? Of course it wasn’t planned so I did what I always do and play around with what I have to come up with the taste I’m looking for.

What to do

Cook the chicken in just a little coconut oil until done and golden. Boil the pasta. While the pasta is boiling melt the margarine  and pour into a large bowl. Add the Louisiana hot sauce and a couple dashes of Sriracha hot sauce mix well. Add Garlic powder, salt, and pepper and mix. Stir in  yogurt or mayo. Add chopped celery.

Now this is the fun part. As I mentioned before I didn’t have Bleu Cheese but it needs that kick. Lucky for me I had some of my sister’s cheese she makes on the Guffey Farm. So I thought her horseradish cheese would probably do the trick. It was awesome but I still needed a little of that texture you would get from Bleu cheese. Thanks to my daughter she remembered we had Ricotta. I added about 1/2 C. Ricotta and that did the trick.

If you are using the blue cheese add that now instead of the above.

Drain the cooked pasta and cube the chicken then add it to the dressing mixture. Stir until all the pasta is well coated.

Refrigerate until ready to serve.

Hope you and your guys enjoy this simple and tasty salad! 🙂



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